Business regatta

Teamwork is enhanced by sailing training and yacht regatta Teambuilding training is an extremely popular activity around the world, aimed at strengthening the interaction between people working together and improving teamwork. Working together is especially appreciated for better ideas, proper distribution of work and fair response to emergencies. The best way to strengthen a team […]

Sailing in Lithuania

Sailing in Lithuania from Klaipeda Klaipėda is the only Lithuanian port city where it is possible to sail into a comfortable sailing yacht, untie the rope-holding yacht to the quay and move the engine to the harbor channel slowly. Here you can decorate the ship with fine sails and catch a favorable wind. No matter […]

Traditional holidays are replaced by holidays on the water

Traditional holidays are replaced by holidays on the water Vacation at the hotel is increasingly being exchanged by the countrymen for a vacation on the ship, and the ship can be rented wherever there is water and a larger inn. Water tourism, especially in southern Europe, has been popular since the 18th century. The heart […]

Non-traditional investments

Non-traditional investments It is common for Lithuanians to invest in real estate, land and business. And did you think you could invest in real estate? No, not in the car, on the boat. The old continent of Europe, especially Greece and Croatia, has developed water tourism, attracting millions of visitors. Vessels are chartered by ship […]