Events for companies

Events for companies

We GUARANTEE that this will be your most spectacular team-building event! During this event you will gain new experiences and good emotions. We will organize your entire event from transportation, meals to accommodation.

We recommend our exclusive product – yacht regatta. During it, we divide your colleagues into ships and you are competing with each other. Boats regatta is an unconventional event and a great opportunity to break away from everyday life. It is a safe but at the same time active way to spend free time.

Regatta requires at least two ships (the more, the more fun). One ship can accommodate up to 8 people, where you can cook, stay overnight, and, of course, swim! We organize boat races in Klaipėda, in Trakai, in Greece and in Croatia. During winter season in the Canary Islands as well. We sail in Lithuania from May until November.

The event consists of three parts: you can choose the location of the boat regatta (Klaipeda, Trakai, Greece, Croatia), lunch – food tastings, special offers prepared for you and the part for the evening (you can choose P. Kovas’ motivational training or P. Ambrazevičius’ battle and or tasting at the Lighthouse Brewery).

All you need is just to choose (as early as possible) the dates you want, write us at least the approximate number of participants and tell your wishes. Contact us.

Please choose

Choose the city where you would like to swim, the meals and the evening program, and we will take care of everything: from travel to accommodation.

Contact us

Send us the number of participants and the desired dates and we will make you an offer.

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