Traditional holidays are replaced by holidays on the water


Vacation at the hotel is increasingly being exchanged by the countrymen for a vacation on the ship, and the ship can be rented wherever there is water and a larger inn. Water tourism, especially in southern Europe, has been popular since the 18th century. The heart of Europe is the Mediterranean.

Greece, Croatia and its islands are the most popular for their landscaping, ship choice and flight options. There are more than 50 ports in Greece and Croatia, from which you can fly and see the most beautiful places in the country from the water. Weather is guaranteed during the season and romance is simply programmed on board.

Lithuanian starter helps to book the ship and plan the whole trip. Counting that there are currently about 2500 different ship rental options in Greece and Croatia, the ship can be rented from 500 to 10,000 euros for a week (Saturday to Saturday) depending on the size, age, availability and wishes of the ship.

Captain Antanas Milvydas spends almost all summer sailing with customers in Southern Europe. He is a hired captain, and since customers usually do not have a navigator’s rights and want to just enjoy the swimming, Antanas becomes a family member during the entire sailing. Antanas says customers are very diverse, from families with children to business partners. Because, depending on the ship, can accommodate up to 12 people, the ship becomes a real home on the water: who is flying, who is fishing, what to eat, and who is just lying and burning.

Week is the time we rest from the surrounding environment, and in the same space, we become more connected with our loved ones.

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