Teamwork is enhanced by sailing training and yacht regatta

Teambuilding training is an extremely popular activity around the world, aimed at strengthening the interaction between people working together and improving teamwork. Working together is especially appreciated for better ideas, proper distribution of work and fair response to emergencies.

The best way to strengthen a team is to communicate outside the workplace

The professional team is the dream of every business manager. However, effective teamwork is usually formed outside the workplace, where the identity of each member is revealed in a neutral environment.

In Lithuania, such an environment is offered by the company, which provides various services related to flushing, including events for companies. From May to October, teams can register for sessions to learn how to sail, learn about sailing and snorkeling, and race in the yacht regatta. In addition to the various activities, the participants of the training will be welcomed by the western part, during which the winners of the regatta will be awarded, the competition will be discussed. The western part will allow you to communicate more closely with your co-workers in a free environment. Closer interactions improve the effectiveness of teamwork, so such trips are highly appreciated when it comes to the proper work of the company., responsible for organizing the whole event, ensures an adrenaline rush in racing, new skills and most importantly a sense of unity. Optionally, one or two days of nightlife adventures will reveal the strength of each member of the team more than all of the four workplace walls of the past week. Training takes place in Klaipėda and Trakai, so casual images will ensure good mood and productivity.

Benefits for both managers and team

Such training is also very useful for business managers. The formal environment prevents the members of their team from getting to know so well, making it difficult to create a motivating environment and a good psychological climate. Such joint trips will make it possible to establish a better relationship between the team and its manager, as the leader will also become part of the team and will gain mutual trust.

There are many different team training, but one of the most successful is in the fresh air, where the practice is more important than theoretical knowledge. In this way, the team is more natural, as the strengths of each member of the group appear directly through solving common problems rather than sitting at the conference table and thinking which one is best able to do. More 

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