Paulius Kovas' Motivational lesson

Why to choose it?

We will organize the whole unforgettable one or two-day event on the water with the Paulius Kovas’ training program. During the event, your employees have a great opportunity to get acquainted with the theoretical and practical basics of sailing, strengthen team communication and participate in motivational training with Paulius Kovas. The advice on how to behave in the sea and in the daily routine of business is based on 56 years of sailing experience and 20 years of Paulius’ leadership experience. The lecture can be adapted depending on the issues of your team and the nature of the activity, so each training is different. 10/10 – such an average lecture rating!

Additional information:

  • We organize the lecture after the boat regatta
  • Lecture duration up to 4 hours
  • The lecture w leave you indifferent, even if you read the book “Life in the Storm”, you will get a wave of emotions during the lecture
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